About Us

Vista Nueva High School Est. 1998

 It all began as a thought and a lot of meetings. Administrators worked  tirelessly and passionately to establish the structure, character, purpose, and location of what was first called Aztec Alternative High School. While attending school in a church building the inaugural year, students wanted a name that reflected more than just ‘alternative’. After much discussion, the name was changed to Vista Nueva, which in Spanish means “new view”. 

Vista Nueva High School gives students a new view toward school achievement and personal success, toward developing new choices and accepting new opportunities. With a provided day care, young parents are offered a place to complete high school without sacrificing the care needed for their children. Students experience classes where teachers work with one another to provide a quality and creative learning environment. Community Service is another part of the Vista Nueva experience with projects occurring every year since the inception of the school.  Vista Nueva makes a difference in the lives of many people—for those students who thought a high school diploma was beyond a possibility, for other students who face challenges which seem unsolvable, and for the community who sees students, despite adversity, become success stories. In partnership with San Juan College, Vista Nueva has moved from that church building into a campus shared with college students and staff. Every year new changes occur helping Vista Nueva students achieve even greater things.