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2014-2015 Calendars

Today: 11/27/14



Vista Nueva is a Professional Learning Community


ZAP Information

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The New VNHS Mascot!!!

The New VNHS Mascot!!!

The students at VNHS voted and our new school mascot is the White Tiger!

white tiger2.jpg

Vista Time Is For These Types Of Tasks:

1.  Students meet with the teacher regarding the course in which they are having difficulty and receive assistance to learn the necessary skill(s) to complete assignments/quiz/test.

2. On Wednesday students go to a teacher and work on the skills that they should know but didn't really fully understand.

3. Students can do make-ups on tests or any assigments that are lower than an 85%.

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Advice from the heart

"Live it up."

-Daniel Trujillo


"Don't let anyone treat you less then you deserve."

-Ms. Maestas


"Life's a garden, dig it."



"Science is the best! I love Mr. Black."



"If you ain't first, you're last."

-Marcus Quintana



-Levi Noah


"If your parents never had children, chances are you won't either."

-Kade Kennedy


" The worst thing you can do is not try!"

-Mrs. Sanders


"No matter how hard the world gets, you gotta stay the course, keep chasing these pavements, until you don't know how to run anymore."

from MGK



A student is in ZAP when they have a zero on their progress reports that are handed out every Monday morning in Forum. Until that zero is made up, the student will have to go to Mrs. Sanders room every morning at 8:00 AM. If they miss ZAP they will have lunch detention that day.


Make sure you have your assignments turned in and completed!!!

Student Success Is...

RRR Image-VNHS colors.jpg

What is Relationships, Relevance and Rigor?

Relationships...supportive connections with others.

Relevance...real-world interests and applications.

Rigor...challenging lessons promoting deep understanding.

Providing the best learning experiences and future opportunities for our students, Vista Nueva staff proudly support this educational initiative. 

Monday Bell Schedule


Forum       8:45 AM - 10:25 AM

Period 1  10:28 AM - 11:13 AM

Period 2  11:16 AM - 11:41 AM

Period 3  11:44 AM - 12:09 PM

Lunch~~ 12:09 PM - 12:39 PM

Period 4  12:42 PM - 1:27 PM

Period 5    1:30 PM   - 1:55 PM

Period 6    1:58 PM   - 2:23 PM

2 Hour Delay Bell Schedule

Period 1| 10:45 AM - 11:51 AM

Period 2| 11:54 AM - 12:27 PM

Lunch~~12:27 PM - 12:57 PM

Period 3|  1:00 PM - 1:33 PM

Period 4|  1:36 PM - 2:42 PM

Period 5|  2:45 PM - 3:18 PM

Period 6|  3:21 PM - 3:53 PM

Tuesday- Friday Bell Schedule

Period 1    |8:45 AM - 10:10 AM

Vista Time|10:13 AM - 10:43 AM

Period 2    |10:46 AM - 11:31 AM

Period 3    |11:34 AM - 12:19 PM

Lunch~~~~12:19 PM - 12:49 PM

Period 4    |12:52 PM - 2:17 PM

Period 5    |2:20 PM - 3:05 PM

Period 6    |3:08 PM - 3:53 PM

Yearbooks on sale now!!!


 If you are interested in our new yearbook and/or years past, they are on sale and you can purchase them at http:vistanueva.picaboo.com


Welcome to Vista Nueva

Vista Nueva is an alternative high school setting that focuses on a new view of learning. We collaborate with a staff that feels like family and students who strive to achieve what they never thought was possible. Students feel more at home with a smaller community of peers and we provide one teacher for each specific subject. We build relationships not only with eachother but with our Aztec community as well. Vista Nueva provides a "blank sheet" for new students because we feel to grow with one another we must put aside judgement and focus on what lies ahead as far as our education and maturity as respectuful individuals.


315 South Ash St.

Suite 100

Aztec, NM. 87410



Student Handbook 2014-2015



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